As an actor Matt can be seen on NETFLIX, CBS.COM, AMAZON VIDEO, HULU, HBO & HBO NOW on shows like "Boardwalk Empire", "The Path", "Madam Secretary

& more.

He has been spotted onstage in over 30 states.

- 2015 Broadway World L.A. Award - best lead actor -

- 2015 Ovation award nomination - acting ensemble -

- 2006 Kevin Kline Award nomination - best lead actor -

"When Bailey gets a moment in the spotlight, you want to hear more."

- The Washington Post


press from "Fully Committed"


Attention must be paid in particular to Matt Bailey... for his virtuoso performance in the one-man, one-act, many voices comedy, Fully Committed... Theatre is driven by individual talent, of course, and you walk out of Theatre Aspen on a summer's night thinking: "Not only is Matt Bailey a great singer, but he's funny. That kind of talent and these kind of shows don't happen by accident.” 

- The Huffington Post 

“It’s hard not to be blown away by Matt Bailey’s performance ... Bailey is the lone actor, playing some 40 characters... Fully Committed” is a rapid-fire virtuoso piece, as Sam... Every voice, every beat, every joke, every nuance is entirely on Bailey’s back... Almost to my disbelief, I was absorbed mostly not by the pace, not by Bailey’s acrobatics but simply wanting to know what was going to happen next. That’s the essence of good storytelling....Fully Committed is an absolute high point of Theatre Aspen’s recent history.”  

- The Aspen Times


press from "Jersey Boys"

Matt Bailey is wonderful... He commands the stage with such charisma - his stage presence is unmatched.”

- Broadway World

"...the real star of the show is guitarist Tommy DeVito (played marvelously by Matt Bailey)”

- The Miami New Times

“Bailey is perfect as the good-looking but vile DeVito.”

- Atlanta Journal Constitution

Bailey’s timing is so good the second act sags without him, if only by comparison.

- Minneapolis Citypages

Bailey as Tommy has great charisma and a strong stage presence; I had a hard time taking my eyes off of him when he was onstage... When Tommy left the band in the 2nd act and Matt left the stage, I felt his absence and anxiously awaited his return.

- Cherry & Spoon

“Bailey nails the role of hot-headed DeVito.” - The Boston Globe

"(Matt) lends an inspiring gentleness to Tommy DeVito's rough exterior"

- The Edge Ft. Lauderdale

(Matt Bailey) seems so Italian I’m not sure if he’s Italo-American (I’d buy that) or just a fine performer. (I’d buy that too)."



Bailey’s Tommy DeVito is the most magnetic character. Bailey owned his role as the sharp-tongued DeVito...If any of the Four Seasons would feel sheepish about the way they’re portrayed onstage, it’d definitely be DeVito. Still, if that were the case, seeing Bailey’s charismatic performance, warts and all, might still set him at ease.

- The Post Crescent

DeVito ...a role that Matt bailey tackles with terrific swagger and great timing.

- The Baltimore Sun

Bailey convincingly captured the essence of founding Four Seasons member Tommy DeVito as his brawny, rebellious spirit dominated the stage.

- Detroit Splash

“Matt Bailey dominates the stage from the beginning as Tommy DeVito...he draws all eyes when he’s on stage.”

- The Detroit News 

“Bailey, who plays the quintessential sexy bad boy, Tommy DeVito, is a delight to watch.”

- The Phillyist